Fortune Favors the Bold, So Be Bold

We talk a lot about fear. Doubt. Wondering if we can achieve the great big dreams we set out to achieve. As artists, we’re inclined to discuss these issues, because they are part of the fabric of creative work. And don’t get me wrong, fear serves a purpose. If nothing else, it reminds us that what we are attempting to do has importance – to us and to the world. If it didn’t, then they’d be no reason to fear failing to do it, would there?
Yes, fear is a driver of development – in the artist and in the work.

But where we often stop short is in being bold.

I mean the kind of bold that flings you out into an unknown universe where you either fly or fall. Or learn to fly as you’re falling.

Bold. Taking on more than logic deems sensible.

Bold. Taking a chance on the fact that you just might be more than you’ve ever been.

Bold. Imagining. Saying yes. Doing.

Stepping up in a self-confidence that’s not arrogant, but built on a solid understanding that you embody the Universe in every cell of your being. That ‘worth’ is a man-made measurement, because everything present in this world carries the spark of the Universe at its core. How can anything not be worthy? Worthy compared to what?

Bold in believing we are enough. More than enough. Powerful.

Bold in owning our work, our emotions, our results.

Our future.

Fortune favors the bold. Why? Because “the competition” is much, much less than we lead ourselves to believe. Because few people are bold enough to step up and deliver excellence. Because few people actually think they can. And then act like it.

Fortune favors the bold because the human spirit recognizes itself in boldness.

So be bold. And rise above the crowd.


About Britta Reque-Dragicevic

Inspiring, nurturing, and giving voice to the human spirit.

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  1. Thanks! Absolutely brilliant and priceless! Exactly what I needed to hear and even more to practice!

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