Thoughts on #WeinsteinGate, #MeToo, #SexualHarassment, #Healing

You’ve probably seen this “me,too” campaign that women are posting if they have also experienced sexual harassment or unwanted sexual pressure. Speaking out, uttering those two small words, is powerful and brave. But I want to remind you that your story belongs to you. Your body and your experiences belong to you. Divulging a deeply personal experience on social media is not right for every soul. Choosing to not speak out does not make you less brave. Protect your soul in the way that feels right to you. Seek healing in the space (public or private) that feels right to you.

I also want to point out that men are also victims of sexual harassment and abuse. This is a human problem. A lack of holding each other as sacred, powerful beings, a lack of respecting human boundaries. We cannot and must not allow the sentiment in all of this to become “all-men-are-bad” or the prevalence of the “me, too” admissions to paint a picture that men aren’t to be trusted. Most men would not sexually harass a woman. Most men are good.

Those of you who are warriors or who are in the Hollywood industry come from a highly sexualized work environment (you know what I’m talking about). Search your souls. Take this time to re-evaluate your values and whether your conduct and attitude reflects those values. Now is the time to stand up and own your integrity — not just for the women and daughters in your life, but for a safer world for all of us.

There is a Native American (forgive me, as I do not know which nation) philosophy that says this: A woman’s highest purpose is to lead a man back to his soul, that he may be one with himself. A man’s highest purpose is to protect woman, so that she may walk upon this earth, unharmed.

That’s what we owe each other. Let us rise to our highest purpose. Let us heal how we have hurt each other.


About Britta Reque-Dragicevic

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  1. lizdemarco2017

    Thank you for sharing a different perspective. It’s so easy especially in today’s society to generalize and group everyone into a category or stereotype and we need the reminders that that’s simply not true. I also loved the Native American philosophy that you shared.

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