Let the Blessings Flow

Your life is a gift. Your presence here part of the whole. You are Source Energy and you hold incredible power. You can create your life. Manifest your dreams.

And you can bless.

Yes, bless. I’m not talking about the right of the ordained to sanctify the unholy.

I’m talking about intention. Behind your work, your relationships, your interactions. To bless is to move with the purpose of bringing light, wholeness and grace to someone’s spirit. It’s rooted in the awareness of innate spiritual power, in the belief that we are one and that what happens on the exterior of life manifests from the interior realm.

To bless is to draw a circle of protection and support around a soul, to seek for that soul’s well-being and highest good. It goes beyond prayer. Where prayer asks a Divine Being to intervene, blessing asks the spirit to remember its own power, to move within its own depth of purpose here on earth. Blessing is not merely well-wishes, but a concrete act that has a direct affect upon the one you bless.

What does this have to do with creative life?

Nothing, if you don’t want it to. Everything, if you do. You have the choice to see your purpose in life (and thus your creativity) as a means to bless – or not. You can move toward your dreams with yourself as the center. Or you can move toward your dreams with an eye on how many people you can bless along the way. Either way you have the power to create your dream.

This goes back to what I have said before about how the the process of manifesting dreams and not the end product itself is where we need to create the real meaning of our work. If you move with the intention to bless, and you bless those on your path, your dream opens up an entire realm where the good that you do matters more than the work you achieve. If you walk a path where you focus solely on manifesting your dream, you lose the rich potential that existed for you to do something much bigger than that.

Dreams are part of who we are, part of why we spend these lifetimes here. They’re fun, they keep us focused on moving forward instead of stagnating. But they’re more than that. And you are more than your dream. And you have a deep source of power to weave something bigger and more meaningful in your life than what your dream itself stands for.

Look around you. Look beyond what the people who have the potential to “make your dream come true” can do for you.  Bless them. Look deeper than the surface. Look not only at what your manifested dream will do, but also how the process of making it and all the people involved can be blessed. Weave that blessing in from concept to end and beyond. See broader. See deeper. Go for Spirit.

Why? Because you can. Because if you’re going to spend all this time focused on generating a dream into reality, you might as well be generous in the process. But there’s a deeper reason. When you own your power to bless and make a difference in others’ lives, you make a bigger difference in your own. You grow bigger in spirit, you open yourself to new paths of prosperity, you invite a spirit of generosity, goodwill and flow that follows you into every aspect of your life.

We are meant to bless. We are meant to remember that we are Spirit. We are meant to involve Spirit in everything we do.

Take a look inside. Take a look around. It’s not about you. It’s about us all.

So bless and let the blessings flow.




About Britta Reque-Dragicevic

Inspiring, nurturing, and giving voice to the human spirit.

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