Who am I?


I am a professional writer and former journalist.

I  write stories that reach into people’s hearts and remind them of their innate power, their beauty, their ability to re-find life amidst the worst pain. Trauma. Kindness. Relationships. Action. Purpose. Story.

I’m increasingly convinced that Story is all there is. The Stories we live, believe, release and embrace.

Visit brittarequedragicevic.com to learn more about my corporate copywriting and my devotion to helping combat veterans find a new sense of wholeness.

  1. Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to have your fantastic article, inspiration for struggling artists on my site? I am close to releasing an album with a similar topic and love your inspirational words!

    • Hi Lee, yes, you may repost the article just include a note saying that it is from Creativeinsideout.com and link back to my site. And let me know when your album is released! Exciting!!!

  2. Thats brilliant, i know it will inspire my listeners a lot! I will do all that, and send you a link when it is live. Many thanks!

  3. Hello Britta, I am so happy to find your site here. I had been searching for information about creating a body of work for my paintings and found an article. I posted it to my page “Jillyan’s Visual Diary” on facebook. Anyway after just reading your story it took me back to when I was living in Slovenia in 1996 running healing workshops and giving healing sessions for people. I really loved those wonderful people many of which were very courageous and loving. If you have a page or are on facebook yourself my name is Jillyan Baldwin and would love to connect with you there in some way. Much love & Blessings.


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