Resurrection. Where do you need to come back to life?

“Resurrection” is usually associated with Christianity. But for our purposes here, I’m not going to talk about its religious meaning.

Let’s talk about resurrection and your life.
And your art.

Resurrection means “the act of rising from the dead” and “a rising again, from decay, disuse, etc.; revival.”

There are cycles to creativity. Death is part of that cycle. So is new life. Ideas are born, created, done. Old, unused ideas lose their energy and die out. We change. Shed old versions of beliefs, take on new ones as we move through life and this world. We are as fluid as the water we are made of.

But what about those parts of us (and our art) that feel dead and aren’t supposed to be?

Dreams that are just as valid and hungry for expression, but decaying because we believed too many voices that said: “that’s not possible” “who are you to do that?” “quit dreaming, get a real job.”

Manuscripts left untouched in files. Canvases stored. Things left undone and things done and not fully brought to life.

What about the part of yourself that used to do whatever art you do, because it was fun? And it made you feel alive? That part that got tamed by business and marketing and rejection and being given the message that “you’re not good enough” and “you don’t have what it takes” and “you’re not ‘commercial’ enough”? What about that?

What about your hope? Your faith? Your belief in the possible. Your belief in yourself? Your belief in doing what you love because that’s what you came to earth to do? That little well of faith, right there, in the center of your heart. What about that?

There are things we have to let go of. There are things that let go of us. And there are things that we have to fight to keep alive.

Resurrection. Returning to yourself. To life.

Where do you need to come back alive?


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  1. Mark Henderson

    Yes Britta. Timely and thoughtful.

  2. Where do I need to come back to life? Where don’t I? I smiled when I read those words about the times when we did what we needed to because it was fun, because we were doing what we have been HERE to do.

    Yes, many things change us thru time. Yet that well, at the center of myself, w/ which I Can again tap into that energy of Love as The primary driving force in my life, that’s still there. Until Very recently, I believed that that part of myself was probably never going to be accessible to me as it had been before, that any related dreams remaining were futile, and that any attempts to resurrect them would only add to my sense of disappointment in what has felt like a failed attempt at a wonderful life, on the outside having appeared wonderful while too much secret keeping fed the lies which told me that who I was was Not acceptable, because the horrors I’d kept hidden seemed to define me, as I’d never given myself or any other the chance to prove me wrong: There are always times when being wrong about someone and or something(s) is a good thing. In my life, this is a case in point.

    I need to allow the resurrection of my spirit, of the “me” I felt the very best at being through the power of an acceptance which allowed me to shine, some would say literally to “glow” and “sparkle,” as I lived out what felt with certainty to be my Destiny as I wrote, counseled, taught, and lived to learn as an experience that absolutely Had to be shared.

    When allowing my sacredness expression, none of the lies could keep me down. I lived as if they did not exist. Then, tragedy struck. An illness with a recorded recovery number of 0%. I saw and felt the energy needed to express myself as before leaving my body-mind.
    And, I did not want to live, not without it or access to that wellspring of the sacred so effortlessly my own, not without being able to tap into its power which was and is Love, drinking it in and sharing the supply overflowing from my cup of Life which I myself never had to fill, but only be open to its coming to and through my consciousness and more.

    Some things we must let go of: As close to wonderful as my life was, I cannot in truth say it was not, yet as an open channel for that brilliant Love, from the well right at the center of my being, while holding in secrets about things I had come to believe as defining me to be unworthy of that same Love I reveled in daily, consumed with my love for All around and much of that within me; the ways that I felt and saw/witnessed as a willing participant in how that Love moved through me to bring healing and joy to others, I was holding that same love from entering the place where my secrets had been locked away inside my self, behind dense and heavy walls of would-be defense, secrets only discoverable as lies in the Light of Truth and the Love that governs its creation with its endlessly outstretched rays, made to shine upon them as upon all…
    Those walls, or the rubble left of them, as if course and rigid rock fragments cutting my feet and over which and onto I have stumbled and fallen, bearing scars from this part of my journey out… This, I must let go of, allowing the secrets out from beneath what is left of those walls. I Must let go of them, also if I am to experience this resurrection of my soul’s Light and Life!

    Yes, it is that entire well of Faith right in the center of my heart that I Must learn to reunite with. There are so many amazing to miraculous acts of co-creation to behold as to be held by; that Love I once felt so pervasively that I literally sensed my union with all “other,” is one part of who I am and have been which I need to resurrect that this time I myself shall invite and allow my self and soul to be embraced by the Love I always knew I was here to offer, to give, to bring and deliver to, with, for the sheer joy & pleasure of so doing while ably receiving its healing powers where I need them most, pervading All of me, dis-spelling secrets and the curses they have seemed to hold over me, as if I were but a helpless victim (another lie & misperception for the Love rising up again to help me release and be released by, one day at a time)…

    Given that a Power greater than I will be doing all of this for and through me, I am and will remain in the progress of being set free to newly identify, heal, uncover and express whatever gifts I am graced with, allowed at last to more brilliantly begin, ongoingly, the treasures of clear self expression, of honestly and honorably being me; setting myself- and being free.

    Where do I need to come back alive? — Here and Now, throughout my being. It cannot be done alone. It was never meant to be. Thank you for the questions and the challenge, the chance to answer as best I could from that well so deep, filled with and designed by the Faith which it holds, and the willingness to believe.

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