Get Clear on Your Vision

Art is a funny thing, writing, too – in that the process depends so much on our beliefs about ourselves. Other work is pretty straightforward (most of the time).

But in art, we revise, we seek critique, we revise again. We leave the work open to multiple voices, insights, guidance. Some necessary. Some not. And in the process of wanting to make it better, we risk losing what the art wanted to be in the first place. As First Trustees of our artistic work, it’s our job to translate that original vision from concept given to us to what appears on the page or canvas. And to do that successfully, we have to return again and again to the Vision.

What does the work want to be? Why does it want to exist? What is its purpose? What do you want it to do?

The answers to those become your measuring stick. A powerful tool to gauge whether or not suggested changes are right for your work.

Another equally powerful question to ask is: of all the artists and writers in the world, why did the work choose you?

You are the only one who can bring yourself to the work. And without you, the work would not be your version of it. There’s a reason that you are the one chosen to do the work. And that can be hard to hold onto, but oh, so necessary.

What much of this comes down to is faith.

Faith in your calling. Faith in yourself. Faith in the work.

And courage. We hear that word throughout our lives; seldom run into real opportunities to use it.

Courage is acting in spite of fear. For artists and writers, it’s owning our authority over our work. Being willing to trust our decisions. And being willing to be different.

So hold on to your vision and your calling. Get clear on the vision and move from there.



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  1. i agree, artist/writers has their own invisible-like imprint/watermark on their work that makes it different from another. And it also the reason why we don’t get a project or why a client chooses us. If we have a clearer vision of our skills/talent,it is much easier to find clients that would want to hire our creative process :0

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