The Power of Doing What You Love

We talk a lot about living our dreams.
About not giving up, being strong, choosing faith over fear.
All good advice and stuff we need to hear over and over.

Why? Because every day living your dream is a choice.

A choice.

What we don’t talk about is the difference you feel, how you move in the world, when you live in the energies that light you up.
Something deep and solid shifts when you fully commit to doing what you love.
You step into your power. Your full soul power. The pure essence of who you are.
All the energy that makes you, you – the same energy that makes the stars, stars –  focuses.
You align inside. Certain. Strong. Powerful.

Resistance? Hesitancy? They keep you uncertain. They keep you half-alive.
They keep you from stepping up and really being you.
They keep the world from fully being blessed by you.
Do you really think you have the right to withhold your blessing?

Fear? Inadequacy? They keep you small. Shrinking safely in your corner.
Wishing. Tinkering. Longing.

Will you feel fear after you commit? Absolutely.
Will it send you back into your safe corner?

Outgrow your fears. Outgrow yourself. Outgrow.
You’re bigger than you know. You were meant to be expansive.
You were meant to carry the full weight of your power.

So what are you waiting for?
Do you think someone will suddenly empower you?
Do you think you need to be “discovered,” “published,” “land that big job,” first?

Every person who has followed their calling has stepped into their power first.
They decided who they were. First.
They moved forward, fully committed. First.
They chose to bless the world with the full weight of themselves. First.

So what are you waiting for?
Permission? From whom?
This is your life. Yours.
Bless us.



About Britta Reque-Dragicevic

Inspiring, nurturing, and giving voice to the human spirit.

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