Process Notes

Screenplay: working on revision, adding scenes, cutting others, fleshing out how the location (which was chosen after the first draft) represents and supports the theme, intensifying conflict, making sure the story flows effectively, and looking at the subtleties and subtext. This is just one of  several revision-drafts this script will go through.

All of which require judgement and trust.

Stories can be told in a thousand ways.

How do you decide which is best? Most effective? In screenwriting, it’s using the least amount of words to describe the fullest emotion and movement. Building sentences to create an emotional experience that moves the reader.

Normally, I rely on intuition for this kind of decision-making. When it gels, it feels right, it flows, and my soul responds to it. I have to remind myself, though, to be in command of the page. That I have the authority to make the decision. That I’m the only one at this stage who can make it.

I’m curious how other artists know when to stop? When a painting doesn’t need another brush stroke? When a sculpture doesn’t need another touch?

How do you make these kind of decisions?





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