Process: Revision Anyone?

The edit on the novel is coming along, nearing completion. I’ve been away from it for a couple of months, so it’s nice to come back and find out that the changes I made in the last round actually work. This story is nearing completion now, in the polishing stages – it went through seven full rounds of revision.

How does revision play into your art?

For me, it’s essential. Often, just when I think it doesn’t need any more, I end up starting another round. And that’s a good thing.

Distance, then revision, then a bit of distance (sometimes I just jump right back in though and focus on another aspect that needs attention) -round and round.


Yes, what is the “until” point in your art?

When you know that it is complete, when you feel that it has expressed itself fully?

We could go on and on in revision forever. Really, never stop. Mostly because of uncertainty and fear of taking command of the page (or work or art) and deciding that it is finished. Letting go of the fear and stepping into what’s next. The public.

How do you decide? When do you know? What speaks to you in that moment?



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