Be Less Afraid

We need to be less afraid.

I mean, come on, what do we really have to lose?

Think about it: if you have your health and people who love you, you have everything. Art – or any creative endeavor – is just play in this wonderful game of life. It might be what we do for a living, and we might be dead serious about it, but in reality what’s the worst that can happen to you if something doesn’t go right with your art?

That’s what I thought. It’s not that bad, is it.  So what are we so afraid of?

Most of us we stumble on the financial aspects and risk-taking that going full-time (and by full-time, I mean you make your living financially from your creative work) brings. There’s uncertainty. There’s what ifs. There’s the sense that you are absolutely, ultimately responsible for your financial fate. Which you are. But until you cross the border into full-time creative work, you won’t know the true extent of your personal power to create a life you love.

For all those folks who will talk you out of taking the leap – of, dare you even mention it, quitting a job in this economy (there’s never a ‘good’ time to quit a job, by the way)- they need to answer for their own dreams that are waiting for them to take a risk.

What happens when you take the leap? You learn that you can fly.

But here’s the secret: you’ve always been able to fly. You were born to fly. To follow the path of your unique talent and dreams. It’s just that you’ve spent too much getting dizzy looking down at the ground below and not enough time looking up at the endless sky.

I know, I know…what if it doesn’t work out? That’s what you want to know, right? What if you have a family, dependent on you?

Well, what if you could know that you had the power to lose it all financially and then earn it again? What if money wasn’t such a big deal? What if we took a more playful perspective with this amazing opportunity we have to live by our creative work and took more chances? What if the worst that could happen is losing a job, losing a house, losing the ability to maintain the same standard of living – wouldn’t you still, ultimately, really, in your soul, be okay? Couldn’t you find the resolve and power to find another job (there are jobs out there in many fields), to live with less, to start over, if you had to?

Of course you could. Many people are. And that’s one of the greatest blessings of a tough economy – it hurts, but it shakes us up and sets us free from the fear we have of what might happen if “the worst” happens to us economically. Because we are stronger than that.

We’re always stronger than we think we are.

Money is energy. It follows your lead. And if you are making decisions based on what you know in your soul to be right for you, you’ll create the financial energy you need to live your life.

So, let’s be less afraid. Let’s take more risks. Let’s enjoy this journey on earth and dare to do what we love.




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  1. Fantastic article! You are spot on about taking the leap. I love your quote, “Art or any creative endeavor is just play in this wonderful game of life.” Amen. I’ve been taking the leap for so many years now it’s just my way of life. Now, it’s not for everyone and I have lost relationships as a result for not changing my ways to conform to someone else’s dreams. I can only pursue my own dream.

    I have seen other friends deny their creative dreams and it eats away inside them—even though they don’t want to admit it, I can see it spring up when I have some success in my creative endeavors. I’m never been so happy, (even when there were lean financial times) as long as I was creating and living with that burning hunger to create and since I’ve carved out the time and focus, seeing the results of that labor, effort and energy. It’s no mistake when you step up to the plate and are playing with the top talents in Hollywood—all one can ask for is a shot to hit it out of the park. Sometimes it’s a strike out, other times a ground single, other times a homerun… but it’s all part of staying in the game. The longer a creative artists stays out of the game, the more likely he or she will succumb to fear and the “voices” of negativity inside their head and from others who “support” them.

    • Well said, Mark. Yes, I’ve also been taking the leap for so long that I can’t imagine (and will not imagine) living my life any other way. The freedom and joy of creating your own work and the exciting challenges of the journey (even the harrowing ones) are so worth it. I think the biggest reward is making a living by something that I love and comes naturally to me (I mean writing in general, craft can be and often is, challenging) – but the whole journey is soul-nurturing. I know not everyone can or wants to live with that level of financial risk or personal responsibility, but I also point out to people that you can lose a job at any time – there is no such thing as financial or job security. I’d much rather know, as I’ve learned, that I have the power to create my life. And persistence, patience, faith and choosing to continue are the roots of it.

      Money is energy. It’s the by-product. That’s not to say you can’t be well-rewarded financially. You can.

      But the real joy is in the everyday, invigorating challenge of living your dreams, then stepping into bigger and bigger ones.

  2. This was a great post that I found through the hash tags you used for it on Twitter. Well done and am now following you and your writing updates!

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