Are You (Secretly) Happy? Stop Hiding! Happiness Drives Success

What would happen if we all started spending more time discussing just how happy we are as artists?

I know, sounds kind of odd, doesn’t it?

That’s because we are so accustomed to thinking about the work, learning about the work, doing the work – work, work, work – that we forget that this is really, all-out, truly, you have to admit it –  fun. And it is, isn’t it? Don’t you enjoy the process of creating? Even when it’s stretching you to grow and learn and become more of who you truly are?

I do. And I make happiness a priority in my life. I firmly believe that the purpose of life is joy. And, yes, you can choose to be happy. And no, this isn’t just about “feely-goody” emotion. Happiness is an authentic driver of success. It’s not something you should just wish for, it’s something you should experience regularly.

So what would happen if we spent more time talking about the amazing happiness that springs from our creative lives?

I think we’d have more energy, a different quality of energy, one that springs from contentment in the midst of continually pursuing what’s next, one that makes us see opportunities and open our eyes to what really matters to us. Happiness grounds you in the present and lets you experience your life as it is, right now. And right now is all we actually have. Now upon now.

You can’t hinge happiness on what’s next. You have to experience it now. Find that joy and create more of it in your life. That’s how happiness grows.

Unfortunately, it’s not popular to be happy. Or at least, to admit that you’re happy. And if you’re an artist, it’s even more expected of you that you will talk about how “hard” art is, how many challenges you face, how difficult the industry, agents, producers, executives (no offense agents, producers, execs – I love you!) are and every other thing that gets at our artistic nerves.

I say we should stop. Stop complaining. Stop seeing it as hard. Stop focusing on the challenges. Declare a no-complaint zone about our art. And admit just how happy we really are to be making a living (or pursuing making a living) from creative expression. We’re a privileged lot, we are.

Take some time today to think about how happy you are.

And really feel that joy well in your being.



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