How to Mindfully Prepare for Your Next Creative Project

We Must Meet Each New Work for the First Time
As artists, we develop style, routines, working habits that shape how we approach our work.
It can be tempting to move on to the next project as more or less a subconscious continuation of the last one. Especially when we’re busy and have little time between projects. We know we’ve done it before and so we assume we’ll do it again the same way. But no two projects are ever alike. What worked so beautifully before may or may not work for this one. Staying open to new processes is essential and one of the primary ways we develop as artists.

Each new work deserves to be met with a creative openness that combines our wealth of experience with fresh humility and respect.

We Think We Create, When In Fact We’re Being Created
If you see your creative project as something that must be done, achieved, strived for, accomplished, completed – you’re looking through a very narrow lens. Projects must be brought forth and brought to their finished form, yes; but they have far more to create in us than we ever create in them.

Each new work brings something to you, the artist.
Each new work develops insight, perspective, experience in you.
Each new work prepares you for the next work.

If you’re not looking at your project with this in mind, you won’t be able to fully receive its blessing.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do is… Listen
There is nothing more important, in fact. Listening comes first, comes second, comes last.
You have to listen to the work, be receptive, interact with Guidance.
If you throw too much of Yourself into your work without knowing where you end and the Work begins, you’ll miss its soul spark. It is an interactive process – you listen to the work, you receive the work, the work reveals itself through your creative process over and over and over again until it emerges and you fade.

Projects Choose You Because They Trust You…So Let Them Trust You
Artists receive creative work from Source. We are conduits. We stand between the Unseen and the Seen. Our gifts allow us to translate the Unseen into the Seen. We do not actually “create” anything. We are provided with ideas, insight, guidance, inspiration, stories, characters, concepts – all because we have been deemed Trustees of this Unseen World.

It’s our job to say yes to our calling.

Each new work counts on us to bring the best of ourselves to it.
Each new work trusts us – more than anyone else it could have chosen – as the right person to emerge itself through.

That’s why we must meet each new work as new work.
Because we are the only one who can greet it.


About Britta Reque-Dragicevic

Inspiring, nurturing, and giving voice to the human spirit.

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  1. True, your words and I find them compelling. In writing a blog about my family, I’ve found the voice to be so drastically different then in my novel I’ve been working on for some two plus years. The blog is easy I suppose because the stories are so personal. When I went back to my manuscript, I couldn’t believe how different, how stilted the voice was – and now what do I do? I like what you said – “Each new work deserves to be met with a creative openness that combines our wealth of experience with fresh humility and respect.”. Thank you for that – I was feeling a bit panicky when I perused the novel (haven’t read it recently because it’s in the hands of an editor that’s contemplating publishing it). Each story is its own, each deserves its own voice. A great blog you have, with a fresh voice and lots of material. I look forward to reading more. Sue

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